About the network

The Network for Working-Class Classicists was set up in 2021 to support people who identify as working class and who are studying, working or interested in Classics broadly conceived. The focus of the Network is on mutual encouragement and practical support, as well as on advocacy to make class central to EDI in our discipline. The Network offers advice and mentoring to working-class classicists. It raises awareness of class issues in Classics, aiming to tackle the class divide by gathering data and lobbying. 

  • We are collecting data about the socio-economic demography of the discipline, as well as about class bias, elitism and the challenges encountered by working-class Classicists, to produce a report on class inequality. 
  • We run a mentoring programme for working-class Classicists at all stages of study and career in schools and universities. Institutional provisions of pastoral care and mentoring are insufficient for this purpose: we offer targeted advice and support for and from working-class classicists.
  • We host workshops, talks and discussion groups on topics relevant to class struggles in Classics.
  • As a Network, we collaborate with other like-minded groups and initiatives. We hope we can amplify each other’s voices, and work towards shared goals.