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Why we need to talk about class in Classics

‘Edinburgh Impact’ looked at how the Department of Classics at the University of Edinburgh is tackling a lack of diversity in the

subject. By Claire Simpson, Philanthropy Communications Manager, Development and Alumni.

How working-class academics are set up to fail

Article in the Tribune by Ross Clare.

Precarity and low pay in modern universities mean that young academics often have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. If neoliberal reforms continue, the future is clear: academia will once again become the preserve of a social elite.

Students from northern England facing ‘toxic attitude’ at Durham University

Article in the Guardian about class-based bullying at a Russell Group University.

The lawyer who wants more academics to ‘come out’ as working class

The founder of the Association of Working Class Academics is fighting for class to be recognised in equality law as well as race and gender.

A Bullingdon in reverse: how working-class student club is taking on elitism

The 93% Club, begun at Bristol University by a state-educated student, is snowballing nationally, with big firms now taking note.