UK Class in Classics Survey

We are delighted to announce the launch on October 25th of the first ever UK Class in Classics Survey, sponsored by the Network for Working-Class Classicists and the Council of University Classics Departments.

This survey is designed to gather data on class demographics and experiences in the discipline of Classics in the UK. It is open to anyone studying or working within Classics (in UK schools, further education or higher education). The closing date for completing the survey is Wednesday 25th January 2023. The information you provide will be used to produce a report capturing both objective class background distribution and subjective experiences of class in education and the workplace. An explicit intersectional approach will analyse how these class dynamics intersect with other axes of inequality.

To complete the survey, please use the anonymous link below. The survey takes around 30 minutes to complete, and it is best if it is completed in one sitting (without closing the browser). If you would like a personal (yet still anonymous) link to complete the survey in multiple sittings, please email